What Clients Have to Say

testimonialsIt is an act of courage to say to yourself, “things are not right in my life,” and then seek help and guidance to find out what’s wrong, and try and improve yourself. I should know, because as a long time client of Marie’s I’ve benefited hugely from her insights, her wise counsel, her often “on the mark” feedback and analysis of issues, and her patience as we delved together into relationship, self-esteem, family, and personal issues. Over the years, counselling with Marie has allowed me to leave a long-term relationship that was not working for me, and develop a really grounded sense of my self and my values. She has helped me “figure out” where I was stuck in my life, uncover repeated patterns of destructive and dysfunctional behaviours (and trust me, we all have these!), and best of all, she’s helped me move forward to resolve a great many issues in my life.
Zak, Toronto





Marie is an excellent counsellor. She’s very knowledgeable about the process of grieving along with the process of healing. During our sessions, I felt listened to, validated and supported. I think the most important thing I learned from Marie is that my grief is NORMAL. She helped me understand that I will always be bereaved but not forever grieving; that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m just so thankful for having had somewhere to go where I could feel safe to share my pain.
Janice, Ottawa


One of my most productive and positive decisions thus far in my life was when I began seeing Marie. She is a very dynamic therapist. Through her presence, personality and challenging questions, she has helped me to attain the clarity that I have been searching for, and the strength that I need to keep moving forward on my journey.
Kenda, Ottawa